The Mohle Drive Residence is the first completed work by the firm. It is Burton’s home, where he lives with his wife, two teenage children, numerous dogs and a bird.

The design problem involved balancing opposing agendas. First, to design something unabashedly modern that fit the neighborhood in both scale and affect; and second, to design an urban “glass house” that provided privacy and energy efficiency.

The modest size of the house was driven by Burton and his wife, who wished to build smaller so that they might place a heightened focus on materials, craftsmanship and detailing. A generous wrap-around porch, decks and sliding glass partitions create a sense of continuity to the exterior. The home feels much larger than its 2,450 conditioned square feet.

The neighborhood is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, so the design was accompanied by a great measure of scrutiny. Despite initial concern from the community, the house is well loved by its neighbors and passers-by.

The germ of the project predates Baldridge Architects; Burton had been toying with the design while he completed his work with Peter Gluck and Partners. As an opening statement, however, it speaks volumes about the importance of context, scale and detailing. These remain constants in our work.