Hill Country Residence

Sited on 1,100 acresin the Texas Hill Country, the project features clean, desert modern forms that reside in harmony with its rock-bluff setting while serving as a counterpoint to the typical Hill Country ranch estate.

As one approaches along a lengthy winding ranch drive, the linear structure of the house emerges from the hillside to provide expansive and directed views. Architectural elements create axes that direct and frame vistas: a linear lap pool stretches out to the north, and a delicate bridge and cantilevered astronomy platform extends to the west.

Landscaping strategies work to minimize the amount of irrigation needed in the dry environs and to achieve the illusion that no landscaping has even occurred. Within the project, lush greenery emerges in small pockets to create a water-wise oasis within the building footprint.

The project’s materials work in sympathy with the setting—honed limestone, architectural concrete, and large panes of sliding glass that reflect the expansive panorama. Simultaneously heroic and self-effacing, the structure relies on rigorous detailing and elegant massing, becoming a single piece integrated with its seemingly limitless surroundings.

Despite the expansiveness of the property, it is a project that emphasizes experience… the smaller moments. When asked about the project, we are typically laconic. It is hard to explain what it feels like to be there. There are no clean views of this structure as a “thing.”  Instead, you process it in its details and moments.