Hestia + Kalimotxo

Built around a 20 foot long custom stainless steel and brass wood burning grill that is the single source of cooking heat and the focus of the visual and culinary dining experience, Hestia delivers a dining experience that explores the roll of fire in food in a setting that encourages its guests to linger. Taking inspiration from the medieval open hearths, one begins their experience at Hestia entering through a faceted manganese brick portal into that evokes the comfort and warmth of a traditional steakhouse while setting the stage for a meal that is anything but.

Ebonized oak bookshelves wrap the kitchen framing views of the glowing fire and action within.  Food is delivered to the table through this same aperture by the chefs themselves, allowing a deeper look into their food philosophy and how each dish and component was created. Deep forest green leather booths and tannic stained oak tables incorporated service drawers which introduce an element of play and discovery, while custom steel and glass windows anchored the meal to its place in the city.

Located closer to the activity of the street, Kalimotxo offers an evolving selection of pinxtos, craft cocktails, and Spanish wines.  Anchored by a 30’ long black concrete bar which serves as both armrest and stage for the small plate food offerings, the narrow urban bar provides a setting that builds upon the palette of it sister restaurant while its Basque roots suggest a more lively and casual atmosphere.

Opening in the waning days of 2019, Hestia and Kalimotxo were almost immediately confronted with a pandemic that uprooted the entire restaurant industry.  Focused on supporting its staff, Kevin and his team responded immediately adjusting their business model to embrace the changes we have all been confronted with rather than fight against them.   They have our deepest respect and support.

Due to Covid 19, we have been unable to photograph the space, but our friends at Giant Noise were kind enough to loan us Julia Keim’s awesome photos to give you a taste of Hestia. If you have not eaten there, you should!