Deep Eddy

The Deep Eddy Residence is a 2,500 square foot house in an older neighborhood in west Austin. The owners, a couple, wished to create a modern refuge and to regain some of the privacy they had previously enjoyed prior to the construction of a looming residence immediately to the west and uphill from their home. In their words, they felt as if they lived in a fishbowl.

Built in the worst part of the “great recession”, the particulars of the design shifted and moved with the exigencies of the budget. The house features fully customized detailing and constitutes a truly green project featuring natural ventilation throughout, a sod roof, foam insulation, insulated 8″ walls throughout, low VOC paint, pine floors, etc. Moreover, we featured an adaptive and organic design process where subsequent design gestures were routinely questioned and tweaked, often using the spoils from earlier construction to achieve elegant and unexpected results.

The home provides an open and light environment for its owners, featuring dramatic views of downtown Austin, while addressing the concerns about privacy and drainage. Despite its stark modern lines, the home “fits” in the neighborhood in both context and scale.