We have not posted since October. It was a busy 2016. We are very excited about where we are headed in 2017. Our “Zilker 3” house  finished in January and it is one of our favorite spaces yet.

The “Ledgecroft Residence” finishes construction in August and Dalgleish Construction is simply killing it. We would share photos, but the gents at Dalgleish are so careful about protection that all we can show are pictures of blue foam!

The High Road will finish in Summer 2017 as well. Risinger & Co. have just completed the most … um … sick cantilevered stair we’ve ever designed.

Likewise, the “Untitled Hotel” begins construction this Spring. Eventually we’ll tell you about it. While the cat is out of the bag in certain circles, we’re not talking. We are really excited about the working with the builder on board.

St. Edward’s Holy Cross Hall and Main Building are both in full construction mode. I have never seen a more beautiful partially demolished building in my life. You should check the newly posted photos at the project link.

Also, new project in Barton Hills (with Pilgrim Building Company on board) and another home in Possum Kingdom, Texas.

We’ll post more soon. This time we promise.