AIA Homes Tour 2016

The Homes Tour is upon us! We are┬áhonored to be included in this year’s impressive lineup and are very grateful to our clients for allowing us the opportunity to show off their house.

Baldridge Architects is not Burton Baldridge; it is the collaboration of 9 gifted designers: Burton, Brian Bedrosian, Michael Hargens, Laura Grenard, Elaine Shen, Jack Murphy, Aaron Sleator, Stefan van Biljon and Ryan Flener. One of us will be in the house at all points during the tour. If you have questions as to the “why” of this house, we would love to talk to you.

Members of Baldridge and Acero Construction are working presently to polish the place to a high shine. We look forward to seeing you.

Photo by Leonid Furmansky.