Ledgecroft – Holy Cow!

Brian and Burton had a great day today out at the Ledgecroft residence today. It was a beautiful spring day and we got to spend some time with our friends/clients and with our friends/builders, Ryan and Ed from Dalgleish Construction Company. The work these guys are doing is simply exquisite.

We have moved out of the architectural concrete phase and are essentially complete on the structural steel scope, courtesy of Dennis Steel. Those guys hit the job like an army and completed their complicated scope in an almost incomprehensibly short period of time.  Presently there are three groups of framers working on the light gauge metal framing and the wood infill framing. Our windows come in a month, but watching this jobsite in action was inspiring. (There is a very good reason we are no longer design-build).

Looking at the long elegant lines of the project in its expansive Hill Country setting was something Burton was not prepared for. This one is going to have some magic. That d-crain have hit the jobsite in full force and have already done some truly inspiring work was frosting on the cake.

We’ll post more soon! Exciting times to be sure.