Zilker Renovation + Addition

We are excited about this one — our third project in Zilker. That neighborhood seems to be populated primarily by lovely people and our newest clients are no exception.

Their previous home was a striking midcentury modern structure in California. While this house was built in the 50’s (with vaguely modern flourishes) we were very excited when we were asked to design in a way that simultaneously looks to the past and to the future.

Baldridge Architects offices are located in a minimalist white cube located in Clarksville. In the past, it has taken a leap of faith for some of our clients to accept that for us, the program, site and client wishes drive the style. We’re often asked if maybe we are just too modern.

So maybe we’re not the right fit for a bucolic farmhouse, but we can do warm and elemental (see e.g. Gardner Restaurant), we can do desert modern (see, e.g. Ledgecroft), and we can do works without obvious precedents (see, e.g. Pinwheel House). In this case, the order of the day was more of a “midcentury vibe” (to quote our client). Here is our first image. Some serious tweaking in order to be sure, but as a successful initial mission statement, we now have a tailwind.

Presently, the project is in design development. More to come in the next weeks!