Patio Ranch

We were hired by our clients to create an auxiliary lodge and retreat at the scenic Patio Ranch in Hunt, Texas. As a part of ongoing efforts to re-envision the Patio Ranch and to provide modern amenities while removing them from the historic lodge, the program called for a master plan and a second lodge comprising three bedrooms and a semi-common great room for entertaining. The building as conceived by Baldridge Architects can serve as a stand-alone facility or as a component for entertaining within the larger Patio compound.

Formally we were charged with designing a structure that was modern, durable and stately but that allowed the principal lodge to retain its prominence in the compound hierarchy. We favored board-formed concrete, ashlar masonry and exposed wood construction, designed around the vernacular Central Texas dog trot in order to capture breezes and rainwater.

Although our client loved the project, an untimely death in the client family placed the project indefinitely on-hold.