FBR Tablets

Through its ongoing relationship with Stubbs, FrontGate Tickets and FBR, Baldridge Architects was approached to assist in prototyping cases for Toshiba tablets in connection with festival oriented point-of-purchase software under development. The devices were intended to be deployed at large festivals like ACL and Lollapalooza or at music oriented bars and restaurants. In operation, the devices create a wireless mesh that would allow organizers to scan cards for payment and visabands to ensure appropriate age for the sale of alcohol, food and merchandise. Data related to sales and inventory would then be collected, monitored and tracked at a central hub.

We worked through various iterations of the case, accommodating not only the tablets, but also the requisite scanners, modules and RFID devices. Designed to be durable and water resistant, devices like these may seem commonplace now, but the software developed alongside the prototypes allows organizers unprecedented control and time savings at these large and often unruly events.