Arrive is a 77,000 sf development housing 83 rooms, parking, a restaurant, coffee shop and retail space. An existing masonry building at the western side of the property houses a second open air restaurant with a lively rear yard beer-garden connected to the second floor deck of the principal building.

After the original Kimber Modern and our work at Gardner Restaurant, Baldridge Architects has repeatedly been sought out to work on other hospitality projects. But in a way, our claim to hospitality expertise was threatening to become a virtual practice — for a number of reasons, few of these projects are realized. So it is with great excitement that we can say that Arrive Austin began construction in June 2017. More so given that this is our most ambitious hotel design to date.

The facade, comprising chiefly concrete and masonry, undulates to create a sense of scale and dynamism while peeling up to enclose balconies (featuring views of east Austin and downtown). At the same time, the structure’s tessellated and cantilevering mass provides shade and street-side scale without resorting to additive elements like tacked-on awnings.

We have enjoyed the luxury of working on this exciting project with an ambitious development team, some of the best designers in Austin as well as our new friends in Palm Springs at Chris Pardo Design. Finally we are truly excited to be working with our team at Austin Commercial. With pros like this on board. we are galvanized by the prospect of the months to come. For more about Arrive, you should go to their website.